Friday, December 18, 2020

The Oxford “Virtual” Symposium on the History of Music Education to be held 2-5 June 2021

The Oxford “Virtual” Symposium on the History of Music Education (via Zoom) will include a full slate of papers, panels, musical performances, and roundtables for research in progress. The symposium offers a friendly and encouraging environment for experienced scholars, graduate students, and emerging researchers alike.

In addition to a wide range of other historical topics in music education, several sessions will focus on music education in the American South. Charles Regan Wilson, Professor Emeritus of Historical and Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi will present the keynote address for the symposium on the topic “What Makes Southern Music Southern?”

Registration forms and additional information are forthcoming in late January, 2021.Regular registration fee will be $10, and student registration will be $5.

Authors scheduled for the original event last June will present. We are not accepting new submissions. However, everyone interested in the history of music education is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Paul Sanders – Symposium Chair

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Table of Contents Alert - Journal of Historical Research in Music Education, Vol. 41, Issue 1 (October 2020)

 Journal of Historical Research in Music Education

Volume 42 Issue 1, October 2020

Editorial - Marie McCarthy

In Memoriam: Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman (1952–2020)


“Who Are These People and Why Are They Saying These Things?”: George Heller and the Growth of Historical Research in Music Education - Melissa L. Grady

Egalitarian Music Education in the Nineteenth Century: Joseph Mainzer and Singing for the Million - Jane Southcott

“We Are Aiming for Quality and Good Music”: The Hebrew Orphan Asylum Harmonica band (NYC) and Music Education, 1924–1930 - Carol L. Shansky

A History of the “Festival of the Arts” at Southwest Virginia Community College (1995–2018): Community Service through Music - Elizabeth Mitchell Wallace

Book and Media Reviews

Making the March King: John Philip Sousa’s Washington Years 1854-1893, by 88 Patrick Warfield. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2016. Reviewed by Mark Fonder, Ithaca College Sarah Anna Glover

Nineteenth-Century Music Education Pioneer, by 89 Jane Southcott. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2019. Reviewed by Patti Tolbert, Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA, USA

School was our Life: Remembering Progressive Education, by  Jane Roland Martin. Foreword by Estelle R. Jorgensen. IN: Indiana University Press, 2018. Reviewed by Sondra Wieland Howe, Wayzata, MN, USA

Sounds of the New Deal: The Federal Music Project in the West, by Peter Gough. Foreword by Peggy Seeger. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2015. Reviewed by William R. Lee, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, TN, USA.

Link to the Table of Contents for the current issue:

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Invitation to subscribe to and participate in a newly-established email list entitled the Historical Research in Music Education Forum

This email list is sponsored by the History Standing Committee of the International Society for Music Education (ISME). The objectives of the forum are firstly to promote historical research in music education among postgraduate research students and secondly to provide a medium for researchers in the field of music education history – both established and beginning researchers – to share information about topics of mutual interest including online resources such as archival, textbook and journal sources.  We welcome subscribers from the History SRIG (Special Research Interest Group) of NAfME  – the US-based National Association for Music Education – and all other music educators from countries world-wide who are interested in historical research in music education.

The email list will enable you to receive postings from other list members and to respond to these postings, contribute your own comments and suggestions, and promote your own historical research interests. Once subscribed, you will be able to access previous postings as well as access the email addresses of your fellow subscribers for person-to-person contact.

You can subscribe to this email list via the Network’s information page at ... or simply send an email message (no subject or content required) to

Please note ... if you subscribe to this list, you will receive a welcome message.  If this message does not appear in your Inbox, please check in Spam and mark the message as "Not Spam" to ensure future delivery of messages to your Inbox.

If any queries, please contact me at

Best regards  …   Robin Stevens

Monday, September 21, 2020

Music History Standing Committee of the International Society for Music Education, 2020-2022

The ISME Board has appointed members to the History Standing Committee for the 2020-2022 Biennium.

Members of the HSC are:
  • Marie McCarthy (Ireland/United States) - Chairperson
  • Flavia Cruvinel (Brazil) - ISME Board member and Liaison to HSC
  • David Hebert (Norway/United States)
  • Benon Kigozi (Uganda)
  • Lia Laor (Israel)
  • Craig Resta (United States)
  • Robin Stevens (Australia)
  • Silvia Esther Villalba (Argentina)
For details of the History Standing Committee's Mission Statement, go to

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Book Publication of interest to music education historians:

Lia Laor, Paradigm War: Lessons learned from 19th Century Piano Pedagogy. Cambridge Scholar Publishing, 2017.

The story of piano pedagogy in 19th century Europe has yet to be fully told, although it is of immediate relevance for current music education. Europe at that time was the hub of unparalleled critical scholarly discourse, which deliberated on theories of piano pedagogy and the merits of pedagogical music. Impressively, this discourse was shaped by a wide diversity of contributors who included that period’s leading composers like Clementi, Czerny, Beethoven, and Schumann, as well as performers, pedagogues, and music critics, while even addressing parents and young piano students.

Offering a unique glimpse into the rich primary sources of such interdisciplinary historical dialogue and musical works, Paradigm War: Lessons Learned from 19th Century Piano Pedagogy presents this story from a synoptic multidimensional viewpoint, integrating developmental-musical, as well as psychological-educational and aesthetic, perspectives. Thus, this book provides an intellectual map for critically evaluating these authentic early contributions to the field in terms of the two conflicting methodological paradigms that governed piano pedagogy of the time – mechanism and holism – which had emerged, respectively, from Enlightenment and Romantic philosophies.

Lia Laor is  Dean of the Faculty of Education at Levinsky College of Education, Israel.

View sample at

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Oxford Symposium on the History of Music Education CANCELLED due to COVID-19

Music Education Historians:

As you know, we face a worldwide crisis with the COVID-19 virus. While we hope that the situation will be much better by June 2020, many of our universities have imposed travel restrictions and eliminated all in-person classes through summer semester. Given these restrictions, we must regrettably cancel the Oxford Symposium on the History of Music Education slated for June 3-6, 2020.

We hope to have a symposium in place for June 2021, but details are uncertain at this time. For those whose presentations, performances, panels, and posters were accepted, we would still consider them accepted for the anticipated 2021 symposium with the limitation that that we must follow the NAfME Research Publication/Presentation Code of Ethics (

Symposium registrations that have not yet been processed will be returned with voided checks. The few registrations that have been processed will be reimbursed. Should you have any further questions about the Oxford Symposium, please feel free to direct them to Paul D. Sanders, symposium chair (

On behalf of the planning committee,.

Symposium Chair

Professor of Music Education

The Ohio State University at Newark

November 2019

Oxford Symposium on the History of Music Education

The Oxford Symposium on the History of Music Education will meet at the University of Mississippi in Oxford from Wednesday, June 3 – Saturday, June 6, 2020. We look forward to reviewing submissions, which are due no later than 11:59 p.m., Monday, February 10, 2020Attachments: Newsletter PDF, Oxford Call for Papers, Oxford General Information and Registration Form.

The Oxford “Virtual” Symposium on the History of Music Education to be held 2-5 June 2021

The Oxford “Virtual” Symposium   on the History of Music Education  (via Zoom) will include a full slate of papers, panels, musical performa...